Mystic Moon 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas available at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, FL

Gary Borse - Artist

Capturing the soul, or spiritual essence and energy of the landscape is a challenge. Painting what you see and what you feel at the same time is like walking the fence. If you fall one way you will have what everyone sees, if you fall the other, you will have what everyone feels. Therefore, you must stay on the edge of the fence.

I am fascinated by the Florida landscape and strive to paint it in a different way than any other artist. While I stay on the edge of the fence I can still create images that are representational, but have the essence of mystery and excitement that reality does not permit some imaginations to perceive. With powerful color vibration I try and create an image that can be seen by the soul.

This view is looking over Orange Lake at moonrise and we are trying to save this most incredible hill and view of sun and moonrises in all of Florida, as a park for everyone. It should be a designated Wildlife Refuge for protection of Sandhill Cranes and other wildlife. Please go to The Alachua Conservation Trust for more information on this project. Thank You. The Alachua Conservation Trust|

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